Transport Your Items With Ease

Offering trailer leasing services in St Louis, MO

Transporting your items can seem like a hassle, no matter what they are and where they need to go. Make it easier on yourself with J.P. Barlow & Co, Inc. We offer residential and commercial truck leasing services in the St Louis, MO area. Since we've provided truck and trailer leasing services for over 50 years, you can rest assured that we know what we're doing.

What's our leasing process?

What's our leasing process?

As time-consuming and tedious as truck and trailer leasing may seem, we make them easy. Our process includes:

  • Delivering the truck or trailer to your location
  • Letting you load the truck or trailer with the necessary items
  • Coming to pick up the truck or trailer and delivering your goods to the right place

Leasing doesn't have to be difficult. Call us today to schedule residential or commercial truck leasing services.